Sit back and enjoy the highlights from our past events.

Cream o’ the Croft

Cream o’ the Croft is our family-friendly festival of camping and fun activities for all ages, or a weekend of mountain bike racing and partying… or both!  Hosted With the award winning Comrie Croft as a venue, live music, street performers, gourmet food and drink and a host of other fun stuff ranging from a pedal-powered cinema to a giant water slide it couldn’t be a reciipe for anything else other than fun!!  Think of Cream o’ the Croft as a family-friendly music festival, mountain bike Enduro and a food and drink festival all crammed into one unbelievable weekend in Highland Perthshire!

The Eliminator MTB Festival

Although similar to Cream o’ the Croft,  both festivals share many of the same traits such as; family-friendly camping and glamping, beer festival, MTB racing for all ages, delicious food, live music and super-fun festival activities, there is nothing quite like The Eliminator.  Described by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine as; “A highlight on the Scottish racing calendar” The Eliminator is undoubtedly the most spectacularly bonkers mountain bike event known to man (or cow).

Falkirk Day & Night Funduro

Falkirk Funduro took place on Callendar Estate trails in late November, a time of year when it’s dark by 4pm and it’s very chilly.

Well at Muckmedden we LOVE that because we could turn to the DARK side for the weekend!

Situated in the heart of Scotland’s Central Belt, this is the perfect family-friendly mountain bike race, with Toddler bike racing and a kids Mini Enduro in the morning and the main Enduro for over 12’s in the afternoon and evening.  Fast-flowing timed stages by daylight and then again after dark?  A big bonfire, a disco in the forest and as much food and hot chocolate as you can handle?

November couldn’t get any better!

The Forfar Funduro

So what could possibly be more fun than an Enduro? A Funduro of course!

What the Muck is a Funduro we hear you ask – please ask that question very carefully. We don’t want our mords getting wuddled up with that one do we?!

Funduro is a word invented specifically for this course as there is no other word that better describes it. The trails at Forfar Funduro were such a great laugh you ‘d reach the bottom of each stage gagging to ride them again and the course was compact enough that you’d get to ride each stage twice and get your flow on! Lucky Muckers…