Duathlon is not a dirty word


Ok cards on the table, there are only two occasions where I feel the urge to run. 1) When I hear the distant, hypnotic chimes of an ice-cream van.  2) When I can smell burning. But apparently millions of Mountain Bikers actually enjoy running and (whisper it) will even ride their bike straight after a run without even having a shower first.  Can you believe that?!  No me neither it's disgusting, [...]

Register for the XC Eliminator!


Oh yes, it’s finally happening!  We’ve been planning this since the first Eliminator back in 2013 but it hasn’t quite come to fruition……until now.  The 2017 Eliminator MTB Festival will also feature an XC Eliminator “invitational” tournament on the Friday night and it’s going to be absolutely MUCKIN’ MEGA! […]

Falkirk Funduro 2016 – Results and Image Gallery


Honestly Muckers, if that’s not the perfect way to end another awesome year of events we don’t know what is.  Falkirk Funduro treated us to blue skies, winter sunshine, crisp new trails, fire and brimstone, gap jumps, heckling and super-fun (and super-close) MTB racing into the night.  Even Santa Claus was there! […]

It’s just over a week until our last event of 2016!  Prepare to wrap up warm, charge up your lights and cross over to the DARK SIDE.  Well, Falkirk. […]

Forfar Funduro 2016 Results and Images


The results are in for Forfar Funduro 2016!    Yes, it was an amazing few days but please, let’s not go over it now because my brain is on strike and I’m off to bed.  Let’s re-live the blue skies, great trails, thrills, spills and laughs some other time.  […]

In a week’s time Balmashanner quarry in Forfar (or “Bummy” as it’s know locally) will be alive with the sound of clicking free-hubs, whooping riders and shredding tyres as Forfar Funduro returns to Angus for a third year.  […]