“The toughest thing I have ever done on a bike.”

“Absolutely brutal. Everything is sore.”

“I’ve never felt so broken.”

“Great event. Outstanding course.”

“Always worth another lap for the downs!”

“The Muckmarshals were amazing!”

“The last descent was a peach!”

Those are just some of the comments we’ve had over the past couple of days.  We said the Muckmedden 6hour would push every rider to the limit (and beyond) and we weren’t lying.  It was indeed a brutal six hours!

In true Muckmedden style, Pitmedden was dry and dusty the weekend before the event and then two days before race day the heavens opened and it didn’t let up until Sunday morning.  Thanks Mother Nature…….again 🙁

But it takes more than a spot of rain to spoil a Muckin’ party and a grid of 200 riders, ranging from XC Whippets to Enduro-heads, prepared to do battle out on the trails.  The super-technical course would challenge everyone in one way or another and a blend of skill, stamina, mental strength and sheer good fortune would win the day.

As the race wore on, an interesting game of cat and mouse ensued between the Demon Descenders and the Pedalling Powerhouses.  Separate “Enduro Lines” on the downhill sections gave gravity riders a chance to claw back some time before the Lycra brigade reeled them back in on the pedally bits.  Exciting stuff!

Thank you so much to all of our Sponsors, Muckmarshals, Medics and of course Racers.  It was fantastic to see our local trails buzzing again and show everyone why we love Pitmedden so much.  Maybe we shouldn’t leave it so long ’til the next one…..

If you want to find out what Sixth Element rider Michael Clyne (who took Silver in Vets) thought of the Muckmedden 6hour, click here.

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