With only six weeks – YES, SIX WEEKS – until our first 2019 event it’s time to introduce you to all the lovely brands who are supporting our events this year.  

Meet the Muckin’ Sponsors…..

In the Carbon corner we have Muckmedden 2019 title sponsors SIXTH ELEMENT!

Manchester-based Sixth Element are the only major carbon wheel brand to build their wheels 100% by hand in the UK, creating the strongest, most reliable (not to mention the most drool-worthy) carbons on the market.  The guys from Sixth Element will be pitching up at the 6hour and Fair City Enduro, so make sure you pop in for a chat and a drool over their goodies.

Best of all though?  Every single racer and marshal at the 6hour and Fair City Enduro has the chance to win a pair of carbon Sixth Element wheels in our post-podium raffle. Now that’s what you call a freebie!

Next up we have a Trek and Mondraker dealership situated in the heart of one of Scotland’s mountain biking meccas.  It’s Progression Bikes of Dunkeld of course!

Not only do Progression Bikes run their own racing team, but they have a fully-stocked shop of shiny biking goodness, a fleet of quality hire bikes (including ebikes and Enduro rigs), a kitted-out workshop for all your bike servicing and repair needs, an uplift service to take you to Dunkeld’s famously awesome trails and they run regular kid’s bike camps to keep the sprogs happy.  Jeezo, no rest for the wicked!

Progression Bikes will once again be running the coaching sessions at our female-specific Muckmaiden days and supplying lots of lovely prizes for our prize pot.

In the organic craft beer corner we have…..Black Isle Brewery!  We had so much fun working together last year that we’re collaborating again in 2019.  Yay!

It’s a simple fact of life that we’re on this planet for too short a time to drink horrible beer.  Thankfully the many different Black Isle Brewery beers I’ve drunk* in the past have not only been delicious but 100% organic, therefore, by drinking their beer you are quite literally saving our glorious planet.  We will be doing our bit for planet earth by handing out cases of scrumptious Black Isle Brewery beer at this year’s podium ceremonies.  You’re welcome.

*Over 18’s only.  Please drink responsibly.  Don’t stick a fork in an electric socket or eat yellow snow.  Aye aye, we know the drill.

Next on the bill we have the inimitable U.S.E./Exposure Lights.

Based in the South Downs National Park in Englandshire, U.S.E. have been designing and producing the very best in Cycling components since 1990.  The company have had huge success over the years, producing components that contributed to winning Olympic Gold and King of the Mountains at the Tour De France.  More recently their incredible 6250 lumens Six Pack/Diablo light combo has helped our own Lord Muck from smashing into trees (as often) on his night rides.  Rumour has it he also now works as a part-time lighthouse on the Fife coast.  Bonus!

We’ll have some of U.S.E’s top-end carbon finishing kits (bar, stem and seat post) to give away this year (RRP £500+), so keep an eye out on our social meeja for details on how to win one of these fantastic prizes.