It’s been a popular riding spot with Downhillers and locals since the dawns of time, but the Dunkeld scene really exploded when Enduro rolled into town a few years back. 

Progression Bikes were, and still are, at the epicentre of the blast that turned Dunkeld, into “Funkeld”. 

Yup, Dunkeld can now officially be classed as a gin-U-ine Mountain Bike “Mecca” thanks to a vibrant town centre full of cracking wee shops and pubs, an active and supportive local MTB community and a truly world class network of trails.  There’s nothing quite like a ride around good ol’ Dunkers to make you feel alive…….and stoked up to the eyeballs!

We’re delighted to have Progression Bikes back on board as a Muckin’ Sponsor in 2018, not just because they’re awesome and we’ve been great buddies for years, but because we still have an excuse to go to Dunkeld for “very important business meetings”…..on bikes.  You may be aware that Progression Bike’s main man Adam has been running our Muckmaiden women’s skill coaching sessions since 2016 (and will be again in 2018) and that many Team PBR riders have graced (and topped) many a Muckin’ Podium in recent years, but that’s just the tip of the PB iceberg.

Over to you PB!

“Progression Bikes is back once again as a proud sponsor of Muckmedden 2018!”

“Based amongst the glorious hills of Dunkeld, we offer a fully stocked shop, demo fleet, service centre and uplift facility.  Whether you want a complete overhaul on your beloved bike, to demo something tasty and carbon, or just pick up a spare mech that exploded on that rock, we are happy to oblige.  And it’s not just our shop that’s bloomin’ booming!  We run one of the best kids camps for miles around!  And for 2018 it’s not just bikes!  We are linking up with other outdoor providers to promote multi-activity days and split sessions at other locations in Scotland too!”

For more details on Progression Bikes expert coaching and guiding, uplift service, or any of the above, just click HERE