What a perfect way to finish another year!  Thank you Falkirk, it’s been emotional…. and very cold….. and quite dark…..and completely Muckin’ awesome!

Thanks to every Muckmarshal, Sponsor, Trader, Medic, Helper and Racer who came along and made it yet another fantastic day to remember and extra special thanks to those who have been with us throughout the year.  Full 2017 report to follow……once the van’s been emptied 🙁

For now, here are the scores on the doors…..

Mini Funduro
Overall (Day)
Juvenile (Day)
Youth (Day)
Junior (Day)
Senior (Day)
Master (Day)
Veteran (Day)
Grand Veteran (Day)
Overall (Day & Night)
Juvenile (Day & Night)
Youth (Day & Night)
Junior (Day & Night)
Senior (Day & Night)
Master (Day & Night)
Veteran (Day & Night)
Grand Veteran (Day & Night)
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