Honestly Muckers, if that’s not the perfect way to end another awesome year of events we don’t know what is.  Falkirk Funduro treated us to blue skies, winter sunshine, crisp new trails, fire and brimstone, gap jumps, heckling and super-fun (and super-close) MTB racing into the night.  Even Santa Claus was there!

With mutterings of Falkirk being our best event of the year we couldn’t have chosen a better event to finish the year.  There are so many thank yous to make but we’ll go into that another time.  For now, make yourself a cuppa and click on the buttons below for the scores on the doors and the cracking image gallery from PK Perspective.


Mini Funduro (MICRO)
Mini Funduro (MINI)
Mini Funduro (MIDI)
Funduro – DAY
Funduro – DAY and NIGHT
Image Gallery