Dry trails and Mucky Videos

April 3rd, 2012
by Aaron

I shall now attempt to lay down a Blog without using the words;  AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH, *O.M.G, or HOLY MUCK IT’S NEARLY HERE!

Instead, I shall now calmly and maturely mention that Muckmedden is less than three weeks away, and we have over 150 competitors signed up so far.

I am very pleased to say there have been a lot more female entries coming in lately too.  I have absolutely no problem in admitting I’d rather see a forest full of women in Lycra, than a bunch of hairy guys rubbing in their chammy cream (but they’ll be there too :-) so it’s great to see more girls on the entry list.  What we need now, are more young riders for Muckmedden Lite, otherwise it looks like the spoils are almost certainly coming back to Abernethy, due to the amount of local entrants we have so far.

As well as getting to race on a genuinely fun and challenging course, the Muckmedden Lite riders who make it onto the podium are going to be taking home some pretty good prizes.  First placed male and female will both get a set of Hope’s lovely anodised wheel skewers to pimp their ride, a Muckmedden T-Shirt, and some cracking Wigwam singletrack socks (worth a total of £60).  Second placed male and female both receive a Cateye Velo 5 bike computer (courtesy of Richards Bike Shop in Perth), a Muckmedden T-Shirt, and a pair of Wigwam singletrack socks (worth a total of £40).  The riders in third will take home a Hope drinks bottle, and a Muckmedden T-Shirt (worth a total of £15).

All for an £8 entry fee?  If you are aged 11 to 15 and you like riding Mountain Bikes on fun trails, why wouldn’t you enter?!

I think a mountain bike race can be a pretty intimidating environment for novices, so it’s been nice to receive some emails from entrants who say they’ve decided to make Muckmedden their first race.  I always wanted Muckmedden to appeal to non-racers and seasoned racers alike, and I’ve tried to put the point across that although your lap(s) will be against the clock, it’s up to the individual rider if they want to treat it like a race on the day, or just enjoy some challenging new natural trails without getting lost.  If you do however have your eye on the podium, there are some really good prizes up for grabs in all categories in the big race too.

Among the prizes for the main race, are high quality Haglofs Gram 7 Hydration Packs, Haglofs Merino-Wool Active Beanies, Haglofs Wallets, Haglofs Waterproof Phone Pouches, loads pairs of Wigwam high-performance socks, Hope T-Shirts, Hope drinks bottles, Alpine Bikes vouchers, Bloomfield Bikes goody bags, free entries to other mountain bike events, meals for two, accommodation and bike hire packages, Muckin’ T-Shirts, and plenty more.

As more and more things arrive, from sponsors banners to start/finish flags to prizes, the whole thing is becoming more real.  Everytime I look at the countdown clock on this site, it’s jumped a few days forward and I get a few more butterflies floating about my belly, but I’ve still managed to get out on the bike with my buddies and guide a few entrants around the course over the latest dry spell.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the boys from Herbies Bikes in Broxburn, who hadn’t ridden at Pitmedden before.  It was nice to meet a bunch of mates who were just out to have a good laugh and enjoy riding their bikes.  We had a great ride on the dry trails, and they all enjoyed the course, saying the same as everyone else has so far, it’s technical, fun and physical, and two laps is going to be tough, but do-able.

This weekend it was Stefan Morrocco from Morrocco Media who came for a ride around the course with us.  Stefan is a keen mountain biker himself, and has put together some lovely edits in the past, on various subjects, including mountain biking.  He will be working together with Gareth Christie on race day to film a Mucky Video, which I’m really looking forward to seeing.

*O.M.G!  I’ve just looked at the countdown timer.  Only 15days 21hrs 32mins 10secs until entries close!  Holy Muck, it’s nearly there!  AAAARGH!

Sorry about that, I tried my best.

*I’d like to point out, that at no time before, or after this post do I use the phrase O.M.G. and I have never watched Glee.

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