Forfar Funduro Results

September 27th, 2015
by Aaron

Forfar Funduro BlackWell, what an amazing weekend we had at Angus Cycling Festival.  It was absolutely EPIC and no mistake!!!!

Unfortunately epic weekends also involve an epic clean up¬†so I’m just in the door after clearing up the aftermath and a rather erm, eventful journey home towing the Muckin’ Caravan.¬† Poor caravan, looks like it’s finally time to go to that great caravan storage facility in the sky.¬† You’ll never be forgotten :-(

Anyhow,¬†thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you to every single person and organisation who¬†played a part in¬†making¬†Angus Cycling Festival¬†yet another belter of a weekend, you know who you are.¬† These events¬†simply wouldn’t be possible without you so once again, thank you.

Here are the (provisional) results from¬†yet another Muckin’ Good weekend.

Happy reading!¬† I’m off to bedzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Forfar Funduro Provisional Results – 2015

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Forfar Funduro times, places and other Muckin’ details.

September 22nd, 2015
by Aaron


Hi Muckers, as if you didn‚Äôt know Forfar Funduro is this weekend and there is still time to get your entry in!¬† You’d better be quick though as online entries close at midnight on Wed!¬† Click on the poster above to enter.

Thanks to the Angus Trail Fairies the trails at Forfar are riding unbelievably sweetly and we also have a few cheeky wee additions to this year’s course that we know you’re going to love!

Here are a few things you should know ahead of the weekend……………….


Event parking is within Reid Park, Forfar. Access is via the Viewmount entrance (off the A932/St James Road – DD81LL).

A one-way system and 5mph speed limit will be in place in Reid Park. All vehicles will exit Reid Park via Hillside Road. You will be instructed to park on the grass on either side of the main perimeter path by parking marshals who will be stopping traffic and directing vehicles to allow safe access for the general public and event goers. Please follow the marshal’s instructions and keep emergency access roads within Reid Park clear at all times.


Registration is at the Muckmedden tent in Reid Park. Opens at 8am. Closes at 9.30am. Riders must fill out a wave form at registration to determine start time and will be issued with a number board which must be attached to your handlebars and visible at all times during the race. You will then be issued with a timing ‚Äúdibber‚ÄĚ and shown how to use it.

Wave Start

Riders will leave the start line in waves of 10 riders every five minutes from around 9am. Riders must be ready to go when their start time arrives and must listen for their name to be called out to come to the start line.

Timed Stages (Stages 1 ‚Äď 9) *Cut-off time 2pm

Riders will leave the start of each timed stage individually at roughly 20 second intervals. Each rider must ‚ÄúDib-In‚ÄĚ at the start and ‚ÄúDib-Out‚ÄĚ at the finish and riders are responsible for their own timing, ensuring they have dibbed in and out correctly on each stage.

Dual Slalom (Stages 10 & 11) *Cut-off time 3pm

Riders will leave the start line in pairs at roughly 20 second intervals. The Starting Marshal will countdown with; 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO! Each rider must ‚ÄúDib-In‚ÄĚ at the top and ‚ÄúDib-Out‚ÄĚ at the bottom just like every other stage.

It is essential that riders stay in their lane for the duration of the run – if a rider starts on the left they must finish on the left and vice versa. If a rider changes lanes halfway down the time will not count!

Stages and Running Order

There are 11 Stages in total.

Stages 1 ‚Äď 4 are in Balmashanner and must be ridden twice in numerical order and then repeated in the same order i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 – 1, 2, 3, 4 (Equating to Stages 1 – 8).

Stage 9 descends from Balmashanner back to Reid Park and must be ridden once.

Stages 10 and 11 form the Dual Slalom in Reid Park and each side must be ridden once (in either order).

Race Rules

We don’t really like to inforce too many rules, this isn’t the World Champs. But there have to be a few for common sense and safety reasons.

If you‚Äôre coming up behind someone on a timed stage and you want to pass, politely shout ‚ÄúRider passing on your right/left!‚ÄĚ and overtake when they pull over and let you past. If a rider wants to pass you, look for a safe place to pull in and let them past. Don‚Äôt get angry, don‚Äôt get frustrated and don‚Äôt get downhearted if you‚Äôre overtaken, we‚Äôre all here to have fun at our own pace!

Always try to ride within your limits, have a great time and go home in one piece!


Every rider has a duty to make sure other riders are okay. If you see a crash, stop and make sure the rider is okay. If someone needs medical assistance, flag down the next approaching rider and one of you notify the nearest Marshal ASAP.

All timed stages are connected by untimed transition sections in Balmashanner and Reid Park which are popular spots for dog walkers and families and open to the public. Ride courteously at all times in these areas. Any anti-social riding on transitions or littering will result in instant disqualification!

Mandatory equipment

  • Fully fastening, undamaged¬†safety helmet
  • Protective Gloves
  • Bar End Plugs
  • Working brakes
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Packable, thermal/waterproof layer
  • Sufficient snacks and fluids for several hours on the trails
  • A multi-tool, mini-pump, spare tubes, quick link, puncture repair kit
  • A fully-charged mobile phone with credit

Recommended Equipment

  • Full Faced Helmet
  • Knee and Elbow pads
  • Back Protector
  • Emergency foil blanket and basic first aid kit

Prizes and Medals

As always it’s not just the fast boys and girls who win at a Muckmedden Event. We’ll be giving away bundles of goodies at the end of the day in our Random Raffle so hang around, cheer on the medal winners and hopefully go home with some swag yourself!

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Forfar Funduro is this Saturday!!

September 20th, 2015
by Aaron


Forfar Funduro, the Enduro with the amazing Quarry and¬†Dual Slalom¬†stages is THIS WEEKEND and online entry closes on Wed at midnight!¬† If you haven’t already, drop everything and enter right away.

The most fun¬†trails you’ll ride all year?¬† We certainly think so……


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Fair City Enduro – Earlybird discounts end in 7 days!

September 7th, 2015
by Aaron

Hi Muckers.

Don’t miss out on discounted entry¬†to Fair City Enduro!¬†¬†Earlybird tickets¬†come to an end next Sunday 13th September at midnight so don’t delay!

The money you save could be invested in some valuable post-race refreshment at the after party!

#FireEngine #Bar #Muckmedden #FCE #AfterParty #TheGreenRoom #AlechemyBrewingCo.

The Fair City Enduro 2013 from Morrocco Media on Vimeo.

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Fair City Enduro and Falkirk Funduro tickets go live tonight @8pm!

August 28th, 2015
by Aaron

Hey Muckers, how’s it hangin’?

Thought you might like to know that tickets to our last two events of 2015, Fair City Enduro and Falkirk Funduro, go on sale @8pm tonight! (28th August).

We’ve kept¬†our regular entry fees¬†as low as possible this year but you can save an extra few quid* by entering Fair City Enduro before 14th¬† September and Falkirk Funduro before 28th September!¬† *Amount varies depending on ticket.¬†

2015¬†has been crazily busy¬†so far, with¬†the 6hour, Cream o’ the Croft and The Eliminator¬†all¬†done and dusted¬†and Angus Cycling¬†Festival is looming large,¬†so¬†we’re¬†looking forward to¬†start winding things down (aye right!) with the fancy-dressed extravaganza that is Fair City Enduro on Oct 24th.

Loads of trails have gone after the recent forestry works on Deuchney Hill, so you can expect¬†some brand new trails, the usual mix of fast singletrack and¬†techy stuff with some¬†manicured bike park¬†trails thrown in for fun and¬†as we’re returning to FCE’s spiritual home on the South Inch, we’ll be¬†bringing back an old friend –¬†the hilarious SMBC “Special Stage”!¬† Prepared to be heckled and cheered by a bunch of randoms, all the more reason¬†to come in disguise…..¬†

The¬†biggest difference this year is that we’ve re-jigged the format¬†so¬†the Enduro is now on Saturday 24th October, followed by our mtb demo day and family fun day on the Sunday 25th.¬† This will allow¬†everyone to enjoy our fancy-dress¬†after party on Saturday night to the¬†max,¬†complete with fully-licenced Fire Engine Bar¬†and the wickedest¬†tunes imaginable.¬† You know those posh, fancy dress masquerade balls you see on¬†period dramas?¬†¬†It will be exactly¬†like that but with Giraffes and Superheros throwing the shapes.

To finish¬†off an incredible year, we are doing¬†something we’ve never done before, a day & night Enduro – in Falkirk!¬† Nobody saw¬†that one coming did they?¬† But like Forfar Funduro last year, Falkirk Funduro¬†has all the makings to¬†be the best event of the year, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for….!

If you’re a mountain biking parent you may wish your¬†Wee Mucker could¬†enter a¬†slightly more “adventurous” event than a short¬†circuit¬†Dirt Crit.¬† Well¬†try this for size¬†because we’ll be holding¬†a proper, multi-stage¬†“Mini Funduro”¬†suitable for ages 6 – 11 with chip-timing¬†– just like the Pros!¬†

The trails are totally suited to wee wheels and parents are encouraged to chaperone younger riders.  Older riders will complete 3 stages and younger riders will complete 2 stages.

The main Funduro is open to riders¬†12+¬†with the option of “Day Only” racing or “Day¬†& Night” racing.¬† We’ll use the same stages for both, so¬†Day/Night riders will¬†get to ride the¬†stages in the daytime first before strapping on the lights.¬†¬†This is almost certainly the most exciting thing your kids will do this year!¬† Again parents are encouraged to chaperone younger, less experienced riders around the course.

If you don’t have kids, lucky you (only joking), don’t be put off by the child-friendly aspect of the event.¬† This is a proper, grown up day and night Enduro¬†on proper trails¬†and we’ll be¬†giving the faster riders plenty of space on course¬†to let rip on the trails.¬†¬†

If you’ve ever ridden at Callendar Estate, you’ll know how good the place is for a night ride, it’s perfect to let the brakes off and¬†feel the¬†flow.¬† At Falkirk Funduro¬†however we’ll be¬†riding some of the trail network¬†in reverse, ducking in and out of the woods and using some completely new “Enduro” lines that you won’t be able to ride at any other time, plus¬†a brand new Red trail will form part of one of the stages.¬† Niiice.

We’ll be showing off the swanky new Bike Park, state-of-the-art Caf√© and there will be a whole heap of demo bikes to test on the trails if you’re not racing before we¬†round¬†the evening off¬†with a big ol’ bonfire.

Hope you can join us to see the 2015 season out in style!

To enter either event click on the appropriate poster below


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