Ready for the last ever Eliminator?!

July 21st, 2015
by Aaron

MM001 Eliminator Logo BLACK First, let’s get this out of the way; this year’s Eliminator track is absolutely, ridiculously, brilliantly amazing fun – on any bike.  I honestly thought I might die laughing during practice the other night I was having so much fun!  What a way to go that would be…….WP_20150718_17_54_26_Pro 1Thanks to Collective Trax and SSE we have some choice new trail features which have transformed this track into something really special.  We have a start ramp to give you easy speed for the fantastic new top set of doubles.  You can catch some BIG air here if that’s your thing, or like the rest of the track it’s roll-able so you can keep your wheels on the ground if you want. InstagramCapture_77833214-ebb0-471b-8570-ca747344eb63 We have also installed a sender nicknamed the “Ski-Jump” a bit further down the hill.  Tom from Collective Trax has very kindly sprayed metre marks on the landing up to 15m(!) so there may well be a prize up for grabs for the rider who catches the biggest air off this.  It’s not as scary as at sounds and again it’s all roll-able, but if you don’t fancy the look of it you can take the left fork onto the Slalom Line and head into the forest that way. We then have two brand new ribbons of gorgeous, swooping singletrack through the woods that spit you out through the event village at full pelt and across the optional road gap into a brand new Crazy Crops slalom.Crazy CropsIT IS SO. MUCKIN. GOOD.

Whichever route you decide to take, once again the Eliminator track has far exceeded our expectations and will make you whoop and laugh all the way to the bottom.

What a shame that in a week’s time the fences will be back up, the sheep will be home from their holidays and this fantastic track will be no more.

So when will the Eliminator return?

We’ll have to see if the numbers stack up after the event before that can be decided.  If the numbers don’t stack up this may be the last ever Eliminator, it’s a huge undertaking and takes a lot of time and money to organise, but losing the event for good would be a big loss to mountain biking in Scotland as in my eyes there is no other race quite like it.

We still have a few places available and are really keen to get them filled, so please take this opportunity to enter THE most unique and fun mountain bike event in Scotland.  It could be your only chance.

You can either as a racer, or as a rider and Alpine Bikes are bringing their demo fleet of awesome new metal and carbon on Saturday, so for £38 you can ride the track all day, catch the uplift as many times as you like between 8.30am and 5pm and test out loads of posh new bikes, and for £75 you can have all this, plus a full day of racing again on the Sunday.

If you don’t want to ride, the kids can enter the kid’s races and play around on the bike tracks while you have a couple of drinks at the bar and watch some brilliant head2head racing.  No matter what you choose to do, all of these things will help us make the event viable in future so we’d love to see you there.WP_20150718_17_28_24_Pro 2Anyway, it’s definitely happening this weekend and that’s all that matters right now, the future is in, erm, the future, so here are a few things you should know about the most fun biking weekender on the planet if you are lucky enough to be racing. *For full details and schedule of the rest of the weekend’s activities and the different tickets available please refer to The Eliminator page on this website*

Eliminator Head2Head Tournament Table

Head2Head Race Rules

Practice  (9am – 3pm Saturday)

  • Registration opens at 8am and the first uplift will load up at 8.20am.
  • Rider briefing at 8.15 and 8.45am in main tent
  • You can line up against any other rider during practice.
  • You can have as many uplifts and practice runs as you like between 9am and 3pm.
  • Practice is untimed.

Qualification  (3pm – 5pm Saturday)

  • Choose a rider to pair up with for your timed qualification runs.
  • Each rider must complete two timed qualification runs WITH THE SAME OPPONENT.
  • Each rider must complete one run on the left-hand lane and one run on the right-hand lane.
  • Your times will be combined to give you a “seeding” to determine who you will line up against in round 1 of the Elimination tournament on Sunday.
  • Seeding results and Elimination tournament table will be revealed in the main tent @5.45pm-ish.

Elimination Tournament  (9am – 5pm Sunday)

  • Rider briefing is at 8.10am in main tent.  You will already be registered.
  • The first uplift will load up at 8.20am.
  • Pair up with your round 1 opponent prior to catching the uplift.
  • Start line marshal chooses your lane by tossing a coin.
  • You can change lanes during Elimination rounds if it’s safe to do so and doesn’t cause the other rider to change course or brake suddenly.  ANY RIDER SUSPECTED TO HAVE CAUSED AN ACCIDENT, FORCED A RIDER OFF COURSE OR CUT THE COURSE WILL FACE IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
  • Elimination rounds are untimed.  First rider to cross the finish line wins the round.  If you win, you go back to the uplift to race in the next round.  If you lose a race, you will be relegated to the lower tier on the table.  If you lose a second race, you will be eliminated from the Head2Head tournament.
  • No riders will be eliminated for the first two rounds.
  • If you are in the first wave of eliminated riders you must return to the event village immediately to start the Barley Dual Slalom Tournament.
  • If you are eliminated from the tournament before 3.40pm please post a timed lap on the Pumptrack.  Top 10 fastest riders on the Pumptrack will be entered into the Pumptrack finals.


  • If you have a full face helmet, goggles/riding glasses, back protector and body armour, please wear them.  They won’t protect you if they’re at home!
  • Do not overtake riders at silly places on the course and risk disqualification.  The trail splits on two separate trails in the Woods and in the Barley, this is your best opportunity to get in front!
  • If the rider in front of you and takes the left hand line, please take the right hand line to reduce the chance of a collision on course.
  • If you come up behind a slower rider, shout politely “Rider  passing on left/right!” and wait for a safe place to pass.
  • Please use practice sessions to get used to the grip levels available on the different sections and the size of the jumps and drops.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while riding bikes AND when on the uplift.

Kid’s Races

Under 6

  • Trail Tots will be hosting bike races and fun activities for under 6 pedallers and non-pedallers throughout the weekend.  Race entry is £4 payable on the day and includes race number board and certificate.  *Times may vary
10am – Meet the Coaches/Registration for Races

11:00 – “Monkey Hunt” Under 3’s
11:30 – Under 4’s
12:00 – Under 5’s Balance Bikers
12:30 – Under 5’s Pedal Bikers
13:00 – Under 6’s Pedal Bikes
14:00 – Meet the Coaches/Balance Blasts
9 – 9:30 Race Registration
9:40 Balance Bikes – Under 3’s
9:50 Under 4’s
10am Race Registrations
10:45 Under 5’s (Pedalling)
10:55 Under 6’s (Pedalling)

Age 6 – 13 years

  • We have a lovely wee mile-long loop for ages 6 to 13 that even includes a run down the infamous Crazy Crops Slalom!  It’s an exciting wee course and parents can chaperone younger riders if they wish.  We’ll grid riders by age, with the eldest riders in front and the youngest at the back.  It’s a one lap race and the first rider back wins.  Medals for top three in each category.

Categories:  Under 14 – Under 12 – Under 10 – Under 8. Time (approx.) – 1pm -2pm Sunday Race entry is £5 payable on the day and includes race number board, certificate and Alpine Bikes Goody Bag.

General Activities

  • The Bike Park is open from 10am ’til 5pm Saturday and Sunday and consists of a Pumptrack and a Skills Course.  Cost is £5 per wristband (Head2Head riders FOC) and this is valid for the whole weekend.  No age limit.
  • Brendybop face painter will be present from 10am – 2pm on Sunday and Helena’s Barefoot Books kid’s storytelling sessions will take place in the bell tent on Saturday and Sunday 11am – 3pm.  These are included in the wristband price.
  • There will be live music in the bar on the Saturday night from 6-8pm.  Entry is free.
  • There is a women’s only, non-competitive scenic ride along the Fife Coastal Path from 5 – 7pm on Saturday.  Entry is £5 online or £8 on the day.
  • Camping passes are available at £5 per person per night.  Under 14’s go free.  Under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

The only other thing you need to know is….you’re about to have one Muckin’ Good Weekend down on the farm.  Hope to see you there!

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Cream o’ the Croft – Funduro Results!!

June 29th, 2015
by Aaron

COC Logo (full colour)Well, Cream o’ the Croft was quite simply an astoundingly good weekend at Comrie Croft!  We laughed, sunbathed, hung out, raced, crashed, rode, ate, drank, danced, camped, slid down a big hill on a lilo and laughed some more.

Cream O the Croft- Funduro

Cream O the Croft- Funduro 2

Cream O the Croft-Stage 5

Was this the best Muckin’ event so far?  Quite possibly.

Cream O the Croft-The Shiverin' Sheiks

Cream O the Croft- Face Painting

Cream O the Croft

Quick shout out to our amazing sponsors for their continued support: Alpine Bikes, Alechemy Brewing Co, Perthshire Flooring, Haglofs UK, Scottoiler UBS, Wigwam Mills Inc. Horizon Watches, Mudhugger, Thursday Shirts, Findra, Binn Group.

Cream O the Croft-unReal

Cream O the Croft- Star Bar

Cream O the Croft-Mark Beaumont

Massive thanks to the SMBC, the Muckmarshals and friends and family for going above and beyond the call of duty throughout the festival as always and to Comrie Croft for being the perfect hosts.

Cream O the Croft-Ginger Juggler

Cream O the Croft- Chops

Cream O the Croft-Funduro 2

Here are the results of the Funduro, sorry for the delay there was a lot of Alechemy beer to get through after everyone had gone!

Funduro 2015 – Results

Cream O the Croft-Alechemy Bunny Hop Comp.

Cream O the Croft- Sandy Scally v Fiona Beattie

Cream O the Croft 2015 - Thomas Mitchell & Isla Short

Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such an unforgettable weekend and kudos to Thomas Mitchel and Isla Short who were crowned “Cream o’ the Croft”.

Full report to follow.

#muckmedden #cotc #scotlandsmountainbikefestival #SMBC

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The Creamy details for this weekend!!!

June 25th, 2015
by Aaron

Hi Creamy Crofter!

All set for this weekend?!

The weather looks promising and any light rain this week is just going to make our grass greener and the trails grippier (curse that pesky summer dust!)

The camping field is trimmed, the bar is stocked, the verges are strimmed, the trails are finished – just – and all is a sea of calm in Cream o’ the Croft land (aye right).

If you have any questions about the festival, please have a look at the FAQ’s at and these should answer them for you.  The full schedule can be found below and we will try our best to stick to the advertised times, but they are subject to change.

Food Glorious Food!

Keeping you fed and watered throughout weekend are Hansen’s Kitchen and they are bringing some friends too so you will not go hungry or thirsty at any point!  How’s about this to get your mouth watering?

Friday night pasta bar beef or salmon & asparagus lasagne plus Mac cheese. Plus baked pots, salads and sausages.
Sweet treat selection and Stewart Tower dairy ice-cream will be available throughout weekend and Poporopo will also be onsite freshly popping corn.
Breakfast ranges from Katy Rodgers will include yogurt or muesli, hot rolls with bacon, egg or lorne from their excellent local butcher.
With apples, bananas and Perthsire strawberries will also be available throughout weekend.
For snacking purposes they will have a range of meat and veggie pasties and sandwiches.
From Saturday lunch into late evening the BBQ cranks up a notch with Pulled buffalo (farmed in Fife) chilli, lamb kofta, beef burgers, Chicken drum sticks (Grierson’s Organics, Perth) and falafel pus baked potatos, salads and sausages.
Sunday offers a recovery breakfast (recovering from what we’re not sure yet!) with Sunday roast being a whole hog from Highland Spit Roasts.
With freshly roasted coffee from Hansen’s very own in-house roaster Highland Coffees, crafted beer and cider, Scottish made soft drinks and spirits and wine, there should be something for all.
They also have gluten free options throughout weekend so please ask at the counter.


In addition to a mouth-watering menus and action-packed schedule, did you know Scottish cycling powerhouse Mark Beaumont is coming to open our lovely new trail network on Saturday at 9.15am?  Don’t forget your autograph book!

Our bagpiping unicyclist will be rounding everyone up like the Pied Piper to get you up to the trailhead for the opening ceremony, so that should be…….unique!

A few other wee pointers

1) Remember to bring: Bikes, Head-torches, Lilos/air bed for the Giant Water Slide, Swimmies, Sunscreen, cow bells/flags/horns/hooters/whistles, water pistols and super soakers for the Stage 3 Hill Climb!
2) The Comrie Croft shop on site sells: Camping equipment, drinks, snacks, ice lollies, local crafts and products.  Cash back is available from the shop but best to go to the cashpoint before you arrive in case we run out, there will be a of shiny bits to tempt you!
3) Items not permitted: glass bottles, fireworks, barbeques.
4 Individual camp fires are not allowed, but there will be a campfire for everyone in both the main camping field and the High Meadow.
5) Car access will be restricted to the driveway and loop through the main camping field. Access to camping in the Woodland or High Meadow will be on foot only. Wheel-barrows will be provided, but availability is not guaranteed!

6) It’s Scotland, it’s mid-summer and you’ll be camping and chilling on the grass.  Unfortunately that means a fair chance of ticks and a few midges, so please bring some insect repellent and a tick-remover just in case.

7) Comrie Croft Bikes will be on hand to provide mechanical support, spares, advice and demo bikes and Alpine Bikes will also be on site throughout the weekend with their pop-up shop full of shiny bling and a full demo fleet for the Sunday.

Bike Racing – Rules, Regs & Times


  • Race registration opens at 8am (Saturday) in the barn and closes at 11am.
  • You will leave the start line in waves of 10 riders every 5 minutes.  Wave 1 is due to leave the start line at 9.50am (subject to change).
  • Choose your start wave at registration if you want to ride with mates (first come, first served).
  • The course consists of eight timed stages linked by untimed “transition” sections and should take between 2hrs and 5hrs to complete depending on the rider.
  • You must “dib-in” and out of each stage to record your time.  It is your responsibility to do this correctly and you’ll be shown how to “dib” when you pick up your dibber at registration).
  • You will start each stage with roughly 20 seconds between riders.  If you want a bit more time just ask the marshal.
  • The stages MUST be completed in either of the following orders.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8        OR         1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 7

If you don’t, you will get a DNF for the last two stages and nobody wants that!

  • Hill Climb Stage – You will see a limbo on part of the stage, if you knock it over, the bell will ring and you may or may not be attacked by a bunch of small children with water pistols.
  • Pump & Jump Stage – You must complete one lap of the jump line and two laps of the Pumptrack.  You can pedal up to the first tabletop and if you pedal after that you will receive a 15 second penalty.  Simple, but amazingly good craic.  Marshal’s decision is final!
  • Dual Slalom (Stages 7 & 8) – You must complete a timed run on each side of the Dual Slalom.  If you complete the left hand line first, you go back and do the right hand line next and vice versa.  You dib-in and out as normal so you’re really racing against the clock but when you line up against that other rider you’ll want to reach the bottom first won’t you?
  • Cut-off time for all timed stages is 3.30pm (you must return to the event village after this time)


The Croft will be extremely busy during the race with kids running around, dogs, bagpiping unicyclists and other randoms so please expect to see people milling around on the transitions and ride with this in mind.  Transitions are untimed so there is no advantage to racing on these sections, save your race face for the timed stages!During the race you will ride every surface you can imagine, one minute you’re on grippy bedrock, next you’re on grassy turns, one minute you’re railing berms in the Pumptrack, next you’re pinging down a black run.  This is Scottish mountain biking at it’s best and we want you to enjoy it and go home safe.

Please ride within your limits and read the signs.  If a sign says; Gap Jump on left it means exactly that.  You have to be comfortable catching some air or you should probably take the easier route which will also be highlighted.

If you’re on a timed stage and you hear a faster rider catching you up, please pull to the side when safe to allow the faster rider to pass safely and swiftly.  If you’re the faster rider and you’re looking to pass someone you should politely call; “Rider!  Passing on the Left/Right”.

Safety on the course is paramount and riders are expected to look out for each other on the course.  If you come across an injured rider or a potentially unsafe situation, you are encouraged to stop and assist provided it doesn’t put you in any danger.  If a rider is clearly injured, shout for help or flag-down another participant to inform the nearest Marshal.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Fully fastened safety helmet to be worn at all times when you’re riding
  • Riding gloves
  • Bar end plugs
  • Fully-functional brakes
  • Sufficient water and food for a big day out on the trails
  • Pump and a minimum of two spare inner tubes
  • Multi-tool and tyre levers
  • Waterproof shell jacket
  • Mobile phone (charged)
  • Sense of humour

Recommended Equipment

  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Full Faced Helmet
  • Back protector
  • Riding glasses or goggles
  • A box of French Fancies

Trail Tots Toddlers Racing and Bike Fun


  • Croft Caper Balance Bike Racing (£3 enter on the day)
  • 11.15am Under 3’s
  • 11:30 Under 4’s
  • 11:45 Under 5’s
  • 12:00 Under 6’s (Balance & Pedal Bike races)

Fastest Timed Lap – 10:00am – 15:00 (£4 enter on the day)

SMBC Kids races (Sunday)

  • Race registration opens at 9am (Sunday) in the barn and closes 30 mins before each race is due to start.
  • Races are due to run from 11am – 12.30pm (subject to change)
  • Entry is £10 (pay on the day)


  • 11am – Under 8’s (Wee course) 10mins + 1 lap
  • 11.30am – Under 10’s (Wee course) 15mins + 1 lap
  • 12.10pm – Under 12’s (Big course) 20mins + 1 lap
  • 12.50pm – Under 14’s (Big Course) 25mins + 1 lap

Online entry to FUNDURO has now closed but we are taking entries on Saturday morning on a first come first served basis

Festival tickets and upgrades to Nordic Katas and hostel rooms are still available at:

See you at the weekend! 

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22% OFF ALL Cream o’ the Croft FUNDURO entries!

June 5th, 2015
by Aaron

COC_logo_new_FUNDURO-01Oh Lordy, it’s three weeks ’til Cream o’ the Croft and have we got some MAHOOSIVE news for you?  (Yes we have, that would be a disappointing start to this post otherwise)

We’ve slashed the price of the Cream o’ the Croft FUNDURO by 22%!!  (Told you it was big news)

Look closely at the photo below.  If you are a mountain biker and you enter FUNDURO, when you’re whooping down the trails and having an absolute blast you’ll look very much like the face on the right; happy, smiley and feeling pretty cuffed with yourself.

If you don’t enter, there is good chance your face will look similar to the one on the left.  Mountain bikers will ride past you all day saying how awesome the course is, high-fiving each other, talking about close-calls, getting mechanicals and bumping fists.  You’ll put your fist up to bump them too, but they will ignore you and you will cry (possibly).

If you don’t bother coming to Cream o’ the Croft at all, your life will be the equivalent of the face in the middle; featureless and non really worth mentioning.

The decision is yours….

Woman-holding-two-faces-one-happy-one-sadRace entry now starts at £19.50 and includes entry into our Random Raffle (for the chance to win some cracking prizes from our lovely sponsors) PLUS a free airbag pass on Sunday!

That’s an absolute Muckin’ Bargain and no mistake!

CLICK ON ANY IMAGE TO ENTER1251So, why would we do this?

Well, we’ve had a great response to Cream o’ the Croft and we’re delighted that hundreds of festival goers are coming to enjoy the good food, movie premières, live music, demo bikes and Bagpiping Unicycles, but as the festival is the launch event for the Croft’s amazing new trail network, we want as many racers in the FUNDURO as possible.  This is Scotland’s Mountain Bike Festival and it’s all about riding great trails with great people.  No matter what level you’re riding at, or what bike you’re on, you will not be disappointed.

Our Alechemy brewed “Bunny Hop” IPA will taste even better after a day’s riding too.  Comrie Croft are only going to launch these trails once – let’s do it in style Muckers!Forfar Funduro

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Marathon or Snickers?

April 12th, 2015
by Aaron

Hi Muckers!

I hope you’ve had a great start to a lovely, dry Spring and you’re managing to get out and make the most of those dry trails.

Time is marching on towards our next event, Cream o’ the Croft, and my feet have barely touched the ground lately (anybody looking for a completely unpaid full-time PR/Admin/Marketing/Coffee Making/I.T./Social Media position in an up-and-coming events business?!)

Things are coming together nicely for “Scotland’s Mountain Bike Festival” and the schedule is just about nailed, so it’s about time we shared the delicious details for the weekend.  Listed below are a few things you should know about Cream o’ the Croft and some other stuff you probably couldn’t give two Mucks about!

Firstly, after speaking to a few riders it was decided the name of our “Cream o’ the Croft MTB Champs” should be changed to a less intimidating and confusing name.  It turns out a few riders weren’t sure if they were going to be good enough to compete in the “Championship” and some of them didn’t really understand what the hell it was.  Fair enough!

I’m always banging on about it but it’s probably worth reminding you that every Muckmedden event is about riding great trails and having a great time.  Some people will take them more seriously than others and be faster than others but at the end of the day it’s all about the craic.

Possibly this wasn’t coming across with “The Champs” so the main race at Cream o’ the Croft will now be called the “Funduro” because it’s a multi-stage Enduro that’s all about having fun.

Just like when the Marathon chocolate bar changed it’s name to Snickers though, the contents are exactly the same as before.  Every rider will still be timed on 8 awesome stages, from Pumptrack to Dual Slalom and Hill Climb to Black Downhill and the winners will still be crowned “Cream o’ the Croft”.

So, now that’s out of the way, here is the schedule for the weekend along with a list of Cream o’ the Croft FAQ’s to show you why you simply can’t miss this one!

Cream o' the Croft Schedule


What is Cream o’ the Croft?

Cream o’ the Croft is a family-friendly festival packed full of amazing mountain bike racing, fun activities, delicious food and drink and live music. Mix in some camping, beautiful surroundings and a whole host of fun activities for all ages and we have one fantastic weekend lined up!

Where is it, and when?

The festival will be held at the award winning green tourism destination Comrie Croft (around an hour’s drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh) and will be held from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th June. Comrie Croft is located just off the A85 between Crieff and Comrie, in Perthshire, Scotland, PH7 4JZ. Directions here:

Who’s organising it?

The festival is a team effort between 3 principle players. The hosts are Comrie Croft and Comrie Croft Bikes and they are in charge of the fantastic venue and trails. The bike racing will be organised by the awesome Muckmedden team, purveyors of the UK’s most ridiculously fun mountain bike events, and Hansen’s Kitchen are keeping everyone fed and watered with a range of delicious locally-sourced food and drink treats.

Mountain Bike Racing.

On Saturday, the main event is a super-fun multi-stage Enduro (let’s call it a Fun-duro) for riders aged 14 and over. Riders will be timed on everything, from Pumptrack, to Black Downhill, to XC, to Dual Slalom – and everything in between! The name says it all really….

On Sunday the SMBC will host several fun MTB races and coaching sessions for kids of all abilities from aged 2.5 to 13 years old. There will be a shorter track for smaller kids and a longer track for the bigger ones and spectator vantage points are fantastic for parents to give the kids the encouragement they need to keep going for another lap.

What tickets do I need to buy?

As there are lots of age categories for the racing and loads of accommodation options, race entry and camping tickets are separate.

If you’re coming for the full weekend to camp, glamp and soak up the atmosphere you’ll need a weekend festival pass for each person in your group. This buys each person a camping and activity wristband that entitles you to take part in all non-competitive events, entertainment and activities throughout the weekend (exclusions apply).

If you fancy some bike racing action, you’ll also need to buy a race entry ticket. *Kid’s race entries are payable at registration on the day*

If you just want to come to soak up the atmosphere for a day and head home again you can buy a day ticket at the gate for £5 per person. Under 6 entry is free.

Tickets are available now via our Eventbrite page

Opening times

Friday 26th – Gates open at 3pm and festival activities start at 7.30pm. Please arrive before 11pm.

Saturday 27th – Gates open at 7am and race registration (Funduro) opens at 8.30am.

Sunday 28th – Gates open at 8am and race registration (SMBC kid’s races) opens at 9am.

Can I bring my dog/cat/budgie?

Scooby Doo is welcome. Chopper and Fang can come too, so long as they behave themselves. There are sheep and chickens around so as long as they are kept under control all pets are welcome. Please make sure you bring the little plastic baggies to clean up the poop. We won’t help you recapture your llama if it escapes though, that’s your problem.


We have so much space for camping, with a large camping area near to the main car park where you can pitch up beside your vehicle. You’re welcome to bring your campervan/caravan in here too if you want to pitch up next to your friends.  This is the where to camp if you don’t mind a little liveliness!

We have two quiet camping areas. The first is located in the bottom corner of the main camping area and you can camp next to your vehicle. The second quiet area is in The High Meadow, which is located further up the hill, away from the music arena. You’ll have to leave your vehicle at the bottom of the hill if you’re camping up there but the views are sublime!

Campervans & Caravans

Of course you can! We have an area of hard standing which will allow a decent number of caravans, and campervans, and the camping field is also ok for campervans.

Other accommodation options

Comrie Croft Hostel is right in the heart of the festival and has several family rooms, plus a whole bunch of Swedish Kata tents available for the weekend. Please contact if you’d like to upgrade to something a bit posher.

Can we have a campfire?

Not this weekend I’m afraid. We will be having a few communal fire areas but no individual fires will be allowed for safety reasons.  A bigger fire means more fun though, so bring along a guitar and get your ging gang goolies out, just be careful they don’t get burnt!

Toilets and showers

There will be ample toilets and showers for use over the weekend. There will be portaloos near the camping field, a composting toilet block in the High Meadow, plumbed-in shower block, plus toilets and showers at the normal campsite facilities. 

Food and Drink

One of the attractions at Cream O’ the Croft will be the choice of quality food and drink available. Hansen’s Kitchen are running the bar and will be serving up all manner of delicious edibles over the course of the three days.

You are welcome to bring along food and drink but only for consumption at your campsite. If you wish to cook anything, it will have to be on a proper camping stove – no barbeques disposable or otherwise, for safety reasons. Be a responsible camper – any rubbish you create, please take it with you and put it in your bin at home!

Cash points & Shops

There are several cash machines in Crieff (5 miles from the site) and one in Comrie (2 miles).

There is also an on-site shop at Comrie Croft which sells basic supplies, camping spares, juice and sweets etc. The nearest largish shop is the co-op supermarket in Crieff and there are a couple of small grocery stores in Comrie.

Bike Shop

Comrie Croft Bikes is on-site, supplying a great selection of parts and accessories, gloves, pads, helmets, new bikes and all the stuff you’d expect from a local bike shop – including repairs if you’re stuck!

First Aid & Insurance

We have full public liability cover (but all participants take part in races at their own risk) and we have top notch first aid cover for the whole weekend, capable of accessing the trickier to reach parts of the bike trails.


We have a pile of tremendous prizes to give away over the course of the weekend courtesy of our lovely sponsors, and you don’t even need to be fastest to win a prize! We’ll be having a random raffle for race entrants after the race and if you’re name’s called out you’ve won something nice!

Is there anything else going on apart from bike racing?

Loads of stuff! Such as a giant water slide, demo bikes, pedal-powered cinema, live music, petting zoo, craft fair and bike jumble. Or you could just admire the pretty sky until you nod-off in a hammock.

I’m worried about the weather, will I be too hot?

It is likely. It’s well known that Comrie has its own unusual micro climate where it only rains as little as 50% of the year. Bring a hat. And sunscreen. And a brolly. And wellies, and flip flops…..and maybe a snorkel.

I’d like to be a festival attraction/exhibitor/volunteer.

You want to bring along your bendy bungee bike, promote your bobbly biking berets or offer to help out at the festival? Great, just email: we’d love to hear from you!

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